My First shoot for Avenue Magazine- and the issue officially came out today!
I met with Avenue's art Director, Susan Meingast a couple of months ago and we discussed working together on the September fashion shoot... the ideas evolved over time and we ended up with the concept of shooting in downtown Edmonton, construction and all!  Susan has wanted to do this for a while!  I have to say, I was pretty nervous, this being our first time working together and for me, it was much anticipated.  Enthusiasm poured out of the entire team and Susan's respect and trust in us made for one of the best sets I've been on, to date.  Susan's desire to see the gritty downtown back drop and to include the passers by, allowed for a really freeing experience shooting!
I had so much fun, and I hope to produce much more for Avenue!

Below are a few samples from the shoot, pick up a copy to see the rest!

Avenue Magazine
Art Direction: Susan Meingast
Photography: Ashley Champagne
Models: Mode Model's Karly Janssen, Alexis Wolfe, David Etim
Styling: Erin Monaghan
Hair: Lauren Hughes (Mousy Brown's)
Makeup: Nickol Walkemeyer