George Stroumboulopoulos!!!
How happy was I when we were able to book a photo shoot and interview with George Stroumboulopoulos for Georgie Magazine!?  I am a huge fan of George's laid back, conversational style of interviewing... and I may have a tiny crush on him.
I saw on twitter that George was planning a visit to Calgary, I didn't realize at the time that it was for the CBC fall previews.  I was excited at the thought of this opportunity being attainable.  So, on May 15 (which happens to be my birthday) we contacted CBC and arranged a meeting with George.  Though I thought it might be attainable, I also thought it was last minute and a long shot.  Before I knew it, we were on the highway with no time to spare, we literally made it to the venue within 5 minutes of our scheduled time.
I took a handful of photos, but I could tell that George was more interested in talking, which I could appreciate.  Omar Reyes interviewed him- or I should say, spoke with George... they were a good match and I will admit that much of their conversation was over my head when it came to religious and political leaders.  When it was time to wrap up, George invited us to stay for the show and asked if we would like to visit more afterwards.  Of course we didn't turn the opportunity down, though severely underdressed... all of a sudden we were  sitting in a crowd of professional and classy people watching the presentation for the CBC Fall Previews, drinking champagne in a beautifully decorated room.  Lesson learned: always dress your best (or at least nice,) you never know what could happen in a day, where you may end up... and with who!
Luckily George is a down to earth, genuine guy... 
I never do this (which I was sure to tell him,) but it was my birthday after all, so I asked George if he would be in a photo with me.  To which he replied, "it's not lame, why wouldn't we want to remember this moment?"