This was the 3rd time that I photographed Hey Romeo, and I think we had a great team for this shoot!  The band needed photos for their album "Jump Back In."  I was pleased that the band asked for my assistance in assembling the talent to work on their shoot.  We shot on location at Coup boutique, mostly because of the beautiful antique Piano they have, the high ceilings and gorgeous hardwood floors helped too.  The styling and location really came together to create some classy and stylish images.  At one point I asked the band to play a song, despite the piano being just a little out of tune, they sounded amazing.  Such an exciting part of my job, to be able to witness the talent in people.  I love seeing (hearing) people really pursue what they love, Hey Romeo is a group of truly talented and joyful people, I am excited for their journey!

Photography: Ashley Champagne
Stylist: Erin Monaghan
Hair & Makeup: Jasmine Ma
Location: Coup Boutique