Jesh De Rox is a person who inspired me very early on in my career.  His images have a way of really making you understand or feel a moment, he has touched many people and inspired work and ways of being through his life as an art form work shops and messaging.  When I had the chance to photograph him for Georgie Magazine, I was excited and nervous!  I sat through the interview, which was really just a great conversation and by the time I was up, I had worked up the expectation too much.  I've never had the chance to participate in any of Jesh's events, aside from a talk he gave at NAIT, and so I wasn't sure how he would approach a portrait like this.  I was afraid that how I would approach it might be too contrived, or at least not as amazing as he might be.  So, I didn't really speak much... and I probably didn't help make him feel at ease... lucky for me, I had the lighting under control and he has no problem being genuine.