When I met with Kick up a Fuss for the first time, it was because they had won the Bear's Battle of the Bands contest and part of the prize was a photo shoot with yours truly.  We talked about a few different ideas for their band shoot, the guys were pretty enthusiastic and what I kept hearing from them was that they didn't want to take themselves too seriously in the photos.  I hear this all the time from bands.  Generally when they show up they truly just want to be cool.  As I'm sure you can see in their images, Kick up a Fuss were not lying when they said that they are laid back guys who like to have fun and sincerely enjoy playing music!  It was one of the most fun shoots I've done in a while and I can honestly say that you could feel the love between these friends and that to call them genuine and carefree would be an understatement.

you can check out their music here: http://soundcloud.com/kickupafussmusic


Good job Guys!